Linnet Clough Marquee Wedding Photography – Jess + Tom

Linnet Clough Marquee Wedding Photography


I’ve been friends with Jess and Tom for quite a few years now so I can say with absolute confidence that they are two awesome people, perfectly suited to each other. That made shooting their wedding an absolute pleasure. Along with the fact that their marquee wedding at Linnet Clough in Marple was out of this world amazing.

Jess first asked me to shoot their wedding after a fair few sherries at Christmas a couple of years ago. I’m so glad she asked me again when we were a bit more sober because I couldn’t imagine not photographing their big day.

Here are Jess and Tom with a few words about their wedding:

How did you both meet?
We met through mutual friends and hockey.

What was the proposal like?
Pretty romantic to be fair. We were on the trip of a lifetime in New York. Whilst on Brooklyn Bridge I was securing our padlock onto the bridge, I turned around and Tom was there on one knee, asking me to marry him. I was so overwhelmed, it was amazing.

How did you find wedding planning?
We both honestly really enjoyed it. We agreed from day one on the kind of wedding and celebration that we both wanted, so bringing the ideas together as a couple was actually really lovely, and made it feel “ours”. With the help of Pinterest we got a lot of unique ideas and gradually started piecing them together. I made quite a few things and we have a lot of amazing family and friends who put their talents to use and brought our ideas to life.  It was amazing to see how things looked on the day! My advice to couples who are planning their wedding is to enjoy every stage of it, and do it together. It’s a great feeling on the day to see all your family and friends enjoying a day that you have both created as a couple. Also don’t be afraid to have a go at things yourselves, whether it be making centerpieces, or writing signs, it makes it more special (and cheaper!) when you’ve done it yourself!

Why did you choose Linnet Clough for your wedding venue?
We knew from the start that we wanted a marquee wedding with a bit of a festival vibe. With my family being heavily involved in Scouting and Guiding, we have always had a special relationship up at Linnet Clough and it just felt “right” to have it there. Ann and Carl were amazing from day one, we couldn’t thank them and the site staff enough for everything they did in making the day possible for us.

What was your favourite part of your wedding day?
There are a few for us both really. Meeting Tom at the top of the aisle after walking down with Dad was really special. Being surrounded by all our loved ones in a place that means so much to us both was just magical. We both absolutely loved the car journey up to the campsite, too. It was just ace to be able to talk to each other and take in the fact that we were finally married. Finally, after our first dance, the band went straight into ‘She’s Electric’ by Oasis. Everyone flew onto the dance-floor, the lights went down and I just thought, “right, now we’re starting!”

What song did you have for your first dance and why did you choose it?
We had ‘Thinking Out Loud’ by Ed Sheeran. The day we got engaged in New York, my best friend Hannah text me and said ‘love Ed Sheeran’s new song mate, have a listen’. As soon as we both heard it, and given the day that it fell on, we knew it was the one. Perfect lyrics, and we knew that Gillan would do it justice on the day. He didn’t let us down. 

Who were your favourite wedding suppliers?
Obviously our amazing photographer was our best find! Haha! In all seriousness though, we knew straight away that Kyle would capture every moment of our day, and seeing our photographs has just brought all the memories alive for us. We can’t thank you enough. [Aw shucks, thank you] 🙂
The girls at Dream Dress Bridal were amazing. They knew what kind of dress would suit me better than I did, I just loved it!
Amy Leigh Make-up Artist is a superstar – so professional and flawless results.
Stephanie Cox also did an amazing job with our hair, myself and the bridesmaids were so happy with the results.
The staff at Best Man in Stockport were amazing with Tom, our dads and the ushers in sorting them with their suits.
‘The Word Is Love’ for our beautiful light-up letters which finished the marquee off perfectly.
Gillan Edgar Band, as always gave us a night to remember; the dance-floor was never empty. Those boys know how to get the party started.
Finally, Charlotte from Wild Daffodil Flower Artisan just blew us away with the flowers both for the bridal party and the decoration in the marquee. Her communication from day one was faultless and the end result was just above and beyond our imaginations.

We love all the photos of everyone just having a great time during the reception. Whether on the space hoppers or on the dance-floor, everyone just looks happy  and the photos completely capture the kind of vibe that we wanted for our big day.

Supplier Shout Outs
Jess’ Dress – Dream Dress Bridal
Tom’s Suit – Best Man, Stockport
Hair – Stephanie Cox
Make Up – Amy Leigh Make-up Artist
Wedding Taxi – Idotaxi
Flowers – Wild Daffodil Flower Artisan
Jess’ Shoes – Jenny Packham
Acoustic Ceremony Band – The Acoustic Cats
Magician – Ian Lavin
Ice Cream Van – Hyacinth
Light Up Letters – The Word Is Love
Evening Entertainment – The Gillan Edgar Band


Where do we start with favourite photos? There are too many! The one of Soph buttoning my dress – I love this as Soph has a similar photo from her wedding day of me fastening her dress, too.linnet-clough-marquee-wedding-photographylinnet-clough-marquee-wedding-photographylinnet-clough-marquee-wedding-photographylinnet-clough-marquee-wedding-photographylinnet-clough-marquee-wedding-photographylinnet-clough-marquee-wedding-photographylinnet-clough-marquee-wedding-photographylinnet-clough-marquee-wedding-photographylinnet-clough-marquee-wedding-photographylinnet-clough-marquee-wedding-photographylinnet-clough-marquee-wedding-photographylinnet-clough-marquee-wedding-photographylinnet-clough-marquee-wedding-photographylinnet-clough-marquee-wedding-photographylinnet-clough-marquee-wedding-photographylinnet-clough-marquee-wedding-photographylinnet-clough-marquee-wedding-photography

The photo of the light shining on my dad in church – Reminds me that my mum was there with us on the day.Linnet-Clough-Wedding-Photographylinnet-clough-marquee-wedding-photographylinnet-clough-marquee-wedding-photographylinnet-clough-marquee-wedding-photographylinnet-clough-marquee-wedding-photographylinnet-clough-marquee-wedding-photography

The photos of myself and Tom up at the high altar with the light shining through are just unbelievable.linnet-clough-marquee-wedding-photographylinnet-clough-marquee-wedding-photographylinnet-clough-marquee-wedding-photographylinnet-clough-marquee-wedding-photographylinnet-clough-marquee-wedding-photographylinnet-clough-marquee-wedding-photographylinnet-clough-marquee-wedding-photographylinnet-clough-marquee-wedding-photographylinnet-clough-marquee-wedding-photographylinnet-clough-marquee-wedding-photographylinnet-clough-marquee-wedding-photographylinnet-clough-marquee-wedding-photographylinnet-clough-marquee-wedding-photographylinnet-clough-marquee-wedding-photographylinnet-clough-marquee-wedding-photographylinnet-clough-marquee-wedding-photographylinnet-clough-marquee-wedding-photographylinnet-clough-marquee-wedding-photographylinnet-clough-marquee-wedding-photographylinnet-clough-marquee-wedding-photographylinnet-clough-marquee-wedding-photographylinnet-clough-marquee-wedding-photographylinnet-clough-marquee-wedding-photographylinnet-clough-marquee-wedding-photographylinnet-clough-marquee-wedding-photographylinnet-clough-marquee-wedding-photographylinnet-clough-marquee-wedding-photographylinnet-clough-marquee-wedding-photographylinnet-clough-marquee-wedding-photographylinnet-clough-marquee-wedding-photographylinnet-clough-marquee-wedding-photographylinnet-clough-marquee-wedding-photographylinnet-clough-marquee-wedding-photographylinnet-clough-marquee-wedding-photographylinnet-clough-marquee-wedding-photographylinnet-clough-marquee-wedding-photographylinnet-clough-marquee-wedding-photographylinnet-clough-marquee-wedding-photographylinnet-clough-marquee-wedding-photographylinnet-clough-marquee-wedding-photographylinnet-clough-marquee-wedding-photographylinnet-clough-marquee-wedding-photographylinnet-clough-marquee-wedding-photographylinnet-clough-marquee-wedding-photographylinnet-clough-marquee-wedding-photographylinnet-clough-marquee-wedding-photographylinnet-clough-marquee-wedding-photographylinnet-clough-marquee-wedding-photographylinnet-clough-marquee-wedding-photographylinnet-clough-marquee-wedding-photography

The photo of the bridal party with the smoke background is just amazing.linnet-clough-marquee-wedding-photographylinnet-clough-marquee-wedding-photographylinnet-clough-marquee-wedding-photographylinnet-clough-marquee-wedding-photographylinnet-clough-marquee-wedding-photographylinnet-clough-marquee-wedding-photographylinnet-clough-marquee-wedding-photographylinnet-clough-marquee-wedding-photographylinnet-clough-marquee-wedding-photographylinnet-clough-marquee-wedding-photographylinnet-clough-marquee-wedding-photographylinnet-clough-marquee-wedding-photographylinnet-clough-marquee-wedding-photographylinnet-clough-marquee-wedding-photographylinnet-clough-marquee-wedding-photographylinnet-clough-marquee-wedding-photographylinnet-clough-marquee-wedding-photographylinnet-clough-marquee-wedding-photographylinnet-clough-marquee-wedding-photographylinnet-clough-marquee-wedding-photography

Linnet Clough Marquee Wedding Photography by North West Wedding Photographer, Kyle Hassall.

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