Thoresby Riding Hall Wedding Photography – Kate + Paul

Thoresby Riding Hall Wedding Photography


It was a rare sunny day at the end of May for Kate and Paul’s wedding at Thoresby Riding Hall and it was nothing short of amazing, jam packed with Jäger bombs, laughter, dance offs and more Jäger! The venue and grounds were fantastic and a big shout out to the staff at Thoresby Riding Hall for all of your help on the day. After their ceremony at St. John’s Church, Kate and Paul’s guests enjoyed their reception drinks in the sunshine on the Thoresby Estate grounds before heading into the Riding Hall.

Here is Kate with a few words about their amazing wedding:

How did you both meet?
We met through basketball & through Paul’s brother, Simon.

What was the proposal like?
I ruined the proposal by booking the weekend away before Paul could do it, so Paul didn’t propose in the place he had planned to. It was totally amazing though & totally unexpected.

How did you find wedding planning?
I loved it all, I am an organisational freak so was happy to take the lead but Paul helped me plan once I had done the initial research. I really loved visiting wedding fairs with the girls & with Paul.

Do you have any tips for other brides?
Shop around & allocate time to do the research, there are really good deals you just have to find them. Enjoy & embrace the planning stages as you won’t do it again, take the whole experience in from start to finish as it goes so quickly. It was great to just have some time during the wedding day to have a moment just the two of us. I was given this advice from another bride as she says it goes so quickly & that 5/10 minutes to just take it all in was fab. We then swiftly returned to the reception as we didn’t want to miss anything.

Why did you choose Thoresby Riding Hall as your wedding venue?
We wanted a barn style venue so we looked at lots of outdoor / farms initially. We came across Thoresby Riding Court when researching with my friend. Once we had been to see it we loved it & it had a church which was perfect nearby so it all fitted in to place.

What was your favourite part of your wedding day?
That is so hard to pick just one. We both loved the church where I walked down the aisle and saw Paul and he saw me walking down the aisle with all the most important people in our lives around us.

I loved walking down the aisle & seeing Paul there & being surrounded by all the most important people in our lives. I loved it all from start to finish, I didn’t want it to end. Paul loved seeing me walk down the aisle & being with all the our friends & family. It was sad when it ended as it was such an amazing day.

What song did you have for your first dance and why did you choose it?
We chose Ed Sheeran Thinking out loud. We love the song & thought it would be perfect. We loved the music video too.

Supplier Shout Outs

Dress – Mirage Couture -in Kiveton
Suits – Slaters
Car – Cupid Carriages
Band – Phil Rostance & The Marshall Bandamazing & everyone loved them
Videographer – Adam Wright

Here are a few of my favourite shots of Kate and Paul’s Thoresby Riding Hall Wedding Photography:


The photos are amazing we loved them all. The ones in the church are so beautiful with the light coming through.thoresby-riding-hall-wedding-photographythoresby-riding-hall-wedding-photographythoresby-riding-hall-wedding-photographythoresby-riding-hall-wedding-photography

We loved the photo outside the church with confetti of us both – it is our canvas in our room. thoresby-riding-hall-wedding-photographythoresby-riding-hall-wedding-photographythoresby-riding-hall-wedding-photographythoresby-riding-hall-wedding-photographythoresby-riding-hall-wedding-photographythoresby-riding-hall-wedding-photographythoresby-riding-hall-wedding-photographythoresby-riding-hall-wedding-photographythoresby-riding-hall-wedding-photographythoresby-riding-hall-wedding-photographythoresby-riding-hall-wedding-photographythoresby-riding-hall-wedding-photographythoresby-riding-hall-wedding-photographythoresby-riding-hall-wedding-photographythoresby-riding-hall-wedding-photographythoresby-riding-hall-wedding-photographythoresby-riding-hall-wedding-photographythoresby-riding-hall-wedding-photographythoresby-riding-hall-wedding-photographythoresby-riding-hall-wedding-photographythoresby-riding-hall-wedding-photographythoresby-riding-hall-wedding-photographythoresby-riding-hall-wedding-photographythoresby-riding-hall-wedding-photographythoresby-riding-hall-wedding-photographythoresby-riding-hall-wedding-photographythoresby-riding-hall-wedding-photographythoresby-riding-hall-wedding-photographythoresby-riding-hall-wedding-photographythoresby-riding-hall-wedding-photographythoresby-riding-hall-wedding-photographythoresby-riding-hall-wedding-photographythoresby-riding-hall-wedding-photographythoresby-riding-hall-wedding-photographythoresby-riding-hall-wedding-photographythoresby-riding-hall-wedding-photographythoresby-riding-hall-wedding-photographythoresby-riding-hall-wedding-photographythoresby-riding-hall-wedding-photographythoresby-riding-hall-wedding-photographythoresby-riding-hall-wedding-photographythoresby-riding-hall-wedding-photographythoresby-riding-hall-wedding-photographythoresby-riding-hall-wedding-photographythoresby-riding-hall-wedding-photographythoresby-riding-hall-wedding-photographythoresby-riding-hall-wedding-photographythoresby-riding-hall-wedding-photographythoresby-riding-hall-wedding-photographythoresby-riding-hall-wedding-photographythoresby-riding-hall-wedding-photographythoresby-riding-hall-wedding-photographythoresby-riding-hall-wedding-photographythoresby-riding-hall-wedding-photographythoresby-riding-hall-wedding-photographythoresby-riding-hall-wedding-photographythoresby-riding-hall-wedding-photographythoresby-riding-hall-wedding-photographythoresby-riding-hall-wedding-photographythoresby-riding-hall-wedding-photography

Thoresby Riding Hall Wedding Photography by North West Wedding Photographer, Kyle Hassall

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