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Weddings can be stressful. It’s the one day that you want everything to be perfect and often one that you have been looking forward to for months and even years. In the many years I have been photographing weddings I often ask my couples if they have any advice or tips to pass on to future couples to help them have the best wedding day. Here are some tips to take some of the stress out of your wedding, either in the run up or on the day itself, from people who have been there:

01.  It’s your day!

One thing that comes up over and over again when I talk to my couples after their wedding is that it is your day. You may have people trying to impose their ideas on you but remember one thing. It is your wedding. So, as one of my brides said, “If you want a Colin the Caterpillar cake, go for it”.

02.  Confetti

The confetti shot is a photograph I get asked to get quite often. Your friends and family lobbing confetti at you looks great in a photo but guests rarely seem to bring confetti anymore. Dried petals are mega cheap and biodegradable so most venues are happy with you using them. You can get a big basket of them, get the ushers to hand them out and enjoy being the middle of a confetti storm!

03.  Silk robe creases

Silk robes for the bridesmaids to wear in the morning are becoming more and more popular and are a great idea. They show that you are part of the bridal squad and, even though old, comfy pyjamas are great to wear at home, robes look awesome. Most couples don’t have silk robes just lying about the house so the majority of the time they are ordered and opened on the morning of the wedding. But then you have the tell-tale signs that they are brand new. I’d definitely recommend opening your robes and hanging them up at least a few days before the wedding to get rid of those dreaded fresh from the packet creases.

Bridesmaid having her make up done wearing a robe

04.  All traditions started somewhere

Before traditions were traditions they were just someones idea to do something at a wedding. White wedding dresses only became a tradition when Queen Victoria decided to wear one on her wedding day. So if there are any traditions you don’t like, don’t do them. And if you want to start a new tradition, go for it. I had a wedding recently where the couple were gin drinkers so during their Humanist ceremony, they were poured a couple of gin and tonics so they could toast their marriage. How awesome is that!

05.  Book wedding suppliers that you have confidence in

Whether it is your photographer, florist, hair and make up artist, stationary supplier or a band to keep the dance floor rocking all night, choosing a team of awesome wedding suppliers can make your wedding day run like clockwork. Recommendations are the best way for assisting you in finding the perfect suppliers and many suppliers have worked with each other before so we can always point you in the right direction too.

06.  Budget

The best tip that I can give is to work out how much you have to spend on the whole wedding, then sit down and write down what is most important to you. Then you have an idea of where you can cut back. The cake wasn’t overly important to us so we spent less on that and more on other things. Our photos were at the top of the list so spending a little bit extra to book Kyle was worth every penny to us.” – Sarah and Tom

Bride and Groom in beautiful golden sunlight

07.  Beware of scammers! (And think about getting Wedding Insurance)

I had a couple who had their email account hacked just before their wedding. The scammers intercepted an email from the venue that said the final balance was due. They then changed the venues details for the scammers’ bank details. The couple didn’t realise that they had just sent over a massive chunk of their hard-earned money to the scammers until the venue chased up the payment. Unfortunately, this kind of scam is not uncommon and not added stress you need right before your wedding.
It’s horrible to think that anything could go wrong on your wedding day or in the run up, but, for what is costs, wedding insurance can be a little added peace of mind for you. Just make sure it covers everything you need.

08.  Put together a getting ready playlist

A tip from one of my previous brides. The music you play really sets the mood so make sure you start your day off right by putting together your favourite music while you’re getting ready. It could be songs that mean something to you, something to get you excited or even just some cheesy 90’s pop. Music in the morning is a great way to calm any pre-wedding nerves.

Heaton House Farm

09.  Take some time for yourselves

Weddings can be massively full on. You may feel a little overwhelmed and that you have you chat to everyone from the moment you see each other. So a great tip is to just, at some point in the day, head off for 5 minutes and relax. Even if you just chat about the weather and what you had for breakfast, it gives you a nice break.

10.  The last dance is just as important as the first dance

Choosing a first dance can be quite stressful, but the last dance is usually the dance where everybody is together on the dance floor, usually quite smashed. It is the song that sends people on their way from the party so it has to be great. A good band or DJ will definitely be able to give you ideas on what to play and they will know exactly what will be the best song to play at any moment (hence the importance of number 5!)

11.  Enjoy your day!

After months or years of planning, the wedding day goes by so fast. I know it gets said a lot but it is true. So take it all in and enjoy it. If things over run or small things don’t go exactly to plan, don’t sweat it. And this last bit is a tip from me. At my own wedding I was constantly worried whether people were having a good time. DO NOT WORRY. They are! So throw shapes on the dance floor, drink champagne and just enjoy it. Because the chances are you won’t have another day like this 🙂

Guests laughing during the drinks reception

Just one last thing to remember…

Have an awesome wedding!


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