Check out the best bits of my 2016 in this awesome 2 and a half minute video. Make sure you watch in HD for the best quality.

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How would you like your story to be told?

Weddings are essentially stories filled with awesome characters (your guests). This may sound a little cheesy but I want to create a beautiful peice of art that you can look at in 20 years time and are instantly taken back to that one moment.

I also love getting the epic portrait photographs. And beautiful, golden light just melts my heart, but I like to combine those shots with the ones that really document your wedding to give you a complete and awesome set of images. Rather than a lot of forced photos just showing who was there, I love getting the shots that show how they were feeling. What were they laughing at? Why were they crying? Shots that show a persons personality.

I like to take the photos that tell the unique story of your day. So...

How would you like your story to be told?

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